Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Units

Our water filtration units are small , compact can be freestanding, wall mounted and provided boiling hot water to chilled water at you finger tips. Units can either be 3 stage or 5 stage filtration processes. During the filtration stage the unit can eliminate organic matter, bacteria, viruses, heavy metal ions, hydrogenated hydrocarbons, and impurities. The precision of a 5 stage filter can reach 0.0001 microns which means it can turn your tap water into the most purest water.

Save the Environment, Live Healthier Life.
Eco water refill is an Eco friendly water solution enterprise for wholesaling and retailing options. We help to supply retailers, cafes, convenience stores around the Sydney district to help make it easier for consumer to make the right choices. With more retail sites continually growing. We are looking to set up water filtration units in offices, supermarkets, and independent businesses. By helping consumers to use filtered water units and reusable stainless steel bottles and glass bottles, we believe we can reduce the amount we spend on consuming plastic water bottles.

Water bottles and Mugs

Every year 8 millions tonnes of plastic waste enters our ocean, with the amount growing everyday. EcoWater Refill is providing a greener alternative to plastic bottle water to protect our oceans and marine life from the threat of plastic pollution.
Our wide range of cost-effective products is suitable for all occasion includes bottles/cups and mugs created from high quality stainless steel, high borosilicate and bamboo. Our stainless steel bottoms are all double walled vacuum flask which allows your liquids to stay hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. Whilst our high borosilicate bottles are stylish, durable, scratch proof, stain-resistant, non-porous, long lasting, and heat resistance. So whether you need a bottle for school, hiking, sports, camping, work, tea, coffee, and everyday use we have a bottle to suit your needs. So ditch plastic bottles for good, and refill with EcoWater Refill.

With your support for your business we wish to achieve our goals of creating a better environment. By starting initiatives and donating proceeds into clean-up conservation and animal reserves in your local community.

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